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NHL Entry Draft

Draft Order

  • The 14 teams that do not qualify for the playoffs are entered into a weighted lottery to determine the draft order of the first 14 picks. A team may only improve its draft position by up to four positions and no team dropping more than one place. Only teams that finish 26th through 30th are eligible to receive the first overall pick.
  • The remaining order is determined by the Stanley Cup playoffs.
  • The Stanley Cup winner will draft 30th overall
  • The Stanley Cup runner-up will draft 29th overall
  • The teams eliminated in the conference finals will draft 27th and 28th overall, the 28th overall pick goes to the team with the better regular season record.
  • Division Winners are ranked next, followed by the rest. Better regular season records result in latter picks.

Draft Lottery

  • 30th-place team, 48.2% chance of drafting first overall. (25% chance of securing the first overall pick and 23.2% chance teams from 6th-place team to 14th-place team win the lottery)
  • 29th-place team, 18.8% chance of drafting first overall
  • 28th-place team, 14.2 % chance of drafting first overall
  • 27th-place team, 10.7 % chance of drafting first overall
  • 26th-place team: 8.1% chance of drafting first overall
  • 25th-place team: 6.2% chance of winning the lottery and drafting second overall
  • 24th-place team: 4.7% chance of winning the lottery and drafting third overall
  • 23rd-place team: 3.6% chance of winning the lottery and drafting fourth overall
  • 22nd-place team: 2.7% chance of winning the lottery and drafting fifth overall
  • 21st-place team: 2.1% chance of winning the lottery and drafting sixth overall

Draft Results

2012 NHL Entry Draft in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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